The intricate metal patterns of the Brigade’s side shields recall the precise and beautiful architectural patterns that our Japanese artisans pass by each day. For an unexpected pairing with those elegantly precise geometries, Olivier Rousteing and Akoni have channelled the ‘80s pop vibe that has dominated Balmain’s most recent collections, playing with distinctive frame shapes that were popular during MTV’s earliest years and which still retain their rebellious edge today.

Made in Japan with high technical assets the frame is made in titanium the side shields are stainless steel and the temples are solid Japanese acetate .

On the microscope the hinge is titanium with threaded tube screw system.
The nose pads are beautifully made in ceramic with beta-titanium nose pad arms, and sun lenses: 4-base high contrast CR-39 with three-layer anti-reflective coating.

Lojas com História – Doc#1 Ofícios

One of the priorities of the city of Lisbon is to work with the city’s traditional and historical commerce in order, on the one hand, to preserve and safeguard the establishments and their material, historical and cultural heritage, and on the other hand, to dynamise and reactivate commercial activity, essential for its existence. It was with this objective in mind that the Lisbon City Council initiated a pioneering program in the country. After an intense work of documentary research and fieldwork in February 2016, CML approved the criteria for attributing the “Lojas com História” distinction. It is with great pride that André Opticas Chiado is part of this restricted lot of stores that represent the historical and cultural heritage of the city of Lisbon. The Documentary above is the first in a fantastic series of pieces that intend to show why these stores are so special. If you can’t see it in its entirety, which is very worthwhile, the chapter dedicated to our store and our art begins at 15:00.

O Documentário acima é o primeiro de uma série fantástica de peças que pretendem mostrar o porquê destas lojas serem tão especiais. Se não o puder ver na integra, o que vale muito a pena, o capítulo dedicado à nossa loja e à nossa arte começa no minuto 15:00.

A cidade de Lisboa tem como uma das suas prioridades trabalhar com o comércio tradicional e histórico da cidade no sentido de, por um lado, preservar e salvaguardar os estabelecimentos e o seu património material, histórico e cultural, e por outro lado, dinamizar e reactivar a actividade comercial, essencial para a sua existência. Foi com esse objectivo que a Câmara Municipal de Lisboa deu inicio a um programa pioneiro no país. Após um intenso trabalho de pesquisa documental e de trabalho de campo em Fevereiro de 2016 a CML aprovou os critérios de atribuição da distinção “Lojas com História”.

É com muito orgulho que a André Opticas Chiado faz parte deste restrito lote de lojas que representam o património histórico e cultural da cidade de Lisboa.

Estamos Abertos!

Caros amigos e clientes, esperamos que estejam todos bem e seguros. Não nos fomos embora, não deixámos de vos servir e acompanhar. Estamos com o nosso horário habitual para vos podermos receber e ajudar. Em todas as nossas lojas pode contar com o serviço de excelência que sempre tivemos, em ambiente seguro e controlado seguindo todas as normas impostas pela DGS e autoridades competentes. Estamos prontos para lidar com
este momento, estamos prontos para SI!

TVR – True Vintage Revival


A piece of soul into a pair of eyewear

There are no rocket science tools or methods used in the making of True Vintage Revival (TVR) eyeglasses. Known as the home to handmade eyeglasses, Sabae, Japan has created a positive impression to connoisseurs of the industry as a breeding land for talented artisans who have developed their skills and an eye for precision that are said to be better than machines. And here’s where every piece of TVR eyeglasses are made.

Using mainly hand tools that are passed down from master to apprentice, most of these museum-worthy pieces carry some of the most prolific history in eyewear evolution. Vintage design features are greatly highlighted in the making of the TVR classics. These include the keyhole-bridge, functional spear rivets, 7-barrel hinges, and miter cut techniques that are boldly executed with the unrivalled skills and technical know-hows. Piece by piece, every one of a TVR eyewear is honed with decades of expertise by selected artisans from Sabae.

Each pair of glasses starts with the “Datum Expression Size” technique, a specialized measurement method commonly used during the 50s in Japan to obtain the subtle balance of the eyewear. TVR also refers to only original templates and blueprints in the creation process of these first-class traditional optical frames. Once the frame takes shape, the craftsmen will begin adjusting every little details with intricate care and precision.

It is easily overlooked that what is now called vintage was once brand new. As TVR continues to bring forth authentic vintage styles with traditional skills, iconic designs and high-quality materials, we are also paving the way for classic vintage eyeglasses to once again be mainstream through true vintage revival.

Dita Epiluxury

DITA-EPILUXURY consists of six frames formed from natural, precious, and technical materials, all uniquely engineered to serve as both essential accessories and transmutable objects of desire.

DITA-EPILUXURY’S six frames are designed as a modular system. Switch between a straight temple to a performance oriented cable temple. With DITA-EPILUXURY Flagship frames, mineral glass lenses encased in titanium also become interchangeable with an easy locking mechanism.

DITA-EPILUXURY is a playground for pushing the limits of manufacturing, with a debut collection so complex it took 39 months from conception to completion. Only a highly specialized manufacturer could achieve DITA-EPILUXURY’S interchangeable temple design. The temple, built from 21 pieces and possessing a functioning spring hinge, is the culmination of a process of design and develop- ment pushing engineer, designer, and craftsman forward.

All DITA-EPILUXURY frames are hand numbered limited editions, with the Core collection limited to 500 pieces per color and the Flagship collection limited to 200 pieces per color.

Available at André Opticas boutiques