Aether Eyewear

Amplify your everyday

Aether is premised on a singular vision: To pioneer distinctive eyewear  integrated with open-ear audio technology that invites you to create your own ambience.

In a world of sensory overload, the greatest freedom is to be able to filter the elements you want to focus on, and minimise those you don’t.

Through the calibration of eyewear design and audio technology, Aether empowers you to set your own tone.

Fearless self-expression, fine-tuned: Aether enables you to customise your interface between you and the world:

How you’re seen, what you hear, and how you listen.

Seamless connectivity lets you instantly access your music collection or podcasts, and enjoy immaculate call clarity – leaving you free to focus on what’s in front of you.

Tap into a next-generation listening experience.

DITA Flight 006 for André Opticas

We celebrate our 40th anniversary this year and among the many ways we have chosen to celebrate this moment was the production of a new limited series, with one of the most important brands of eyewear in the world, DITA, a brand that is a reference and needs no introduction.

With high-end glasses made in Japan, using only the finest and noblest materials, and which has millions of followers, DITA is the choice of countless personalities from the world music, cinema and arts.
Together with DITA, we re-edited FLIGHT 006, which became one of the biggest bestsellers ever when they were used by Tom Holland in the film Spider Man, Far From Home and Robert Downey Jr in the role of Iron Man in the avengers infiniy war, the famous Edith.

AndréOpticas X DITA Flight 006 is, however, even more special than DITA’s own Flight 006 of which only a few thousand are produced for the world market.
André Opticas FLIGHT 006 was executed in a special edition, 40 units, available only in André Opticas boutiques and in the online store.

Each piece has its own serial number and comes signed with the collaboration seal of the two brands. A unisex shape, built in Japanese Titanium, eyepieces in cotton acetate, titanium temples with end tips printed with the classic diamond pattern. A piece that is already a classic, turned into a true collector model.

Handmade with LOVE for Pinela Bang Bang Tattoo

Handmade to an amazing artist, the one and only Eduardo Pinela from Bang Bang Tattoo Sintra. Made out of Eco friendly and responsable sourced Buffalo Horn, a 0 carbon footprint material that allow us to make eternal eyewear. A slab of 10mm in Ebene colour, a solid black with white deep stripes, typical of Asian Water Buffalo. Crafted in our Atelier, the only one in Portugal that performs this magic.

Lojas com História – Doc#1 Ofícios

One of the priorities of the city of Lisbon is to work with the city’s traditional and historical commerce in order, on the one hand, to preserve and safeguard the establishments and their material, historical and cultural heritage, and on the other hand, to dynamise and reactivate commercial activity, essential for its existence. It was with this objective in mind that the Lisbon City Council initiated a pioneering program in the country. After an intense work of documentary research and fieldwork in February 2016, CML approved the criteria for attributing the “Lojas com História” distinction. It is with great pride that André Opticas Chiado is part of this restricted lot of stores that represent the historical and cultural heritage of the city of Lisbon. The Documentary above is the first in a fantastic series of pieces that intend to show why these stores are so special. If you can’t see it in its entirety, which is very worthwhile, the chapter dedicated to our store and our art begins at 15:00.

O Documentário acima é o primeiro de uma série fantástica de peças que pretendem mostrar o porquê destas lojas serem tão especiais. Se não o puder ver na integra, o que vale muito a pena, o capítulo dedicado à nossa loja e à nossa arte começa no minuto 15:00.

A cidade de Lisboa tem como uma das suas prioridades trabalhar com o comércio tradicional e histórico da cidade no sentido de, por um lado, preservar e salvaguardar os estabelecimentos e o seu património material, histórico e cultural, e por outro lado, dinamizar e reactivar a actividade comercial, essencial para a sua existência. Foi com esse objectivo que a Câmara Municipal de Lisboa deu inicio a um programa pioneiro no país. Após um intenso trabalho de pesquisa documental e de trabalho de campo em Fevereiro de 2016 a CML aprovou os critérios de atribuição da distinção “Lojas com História”.

É com muito orgulho que a André Opticas Chiado faz parte deste restrito lote de lojas que representam o património histórico e cultural da cidade de Lisboa.

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