Dior Colorquake

Worn byall the models in the autumn-winter 2018-2019 Ready-to-Wear Show and inspired by emblematic 1970s designs, these large, pared-down sunglasses boast real attitude for a very assured look. Whether square, rectangular or ‘Pilot’ style, they exist in a range of bright hues – yellow, blue, green and pink – like a monochrome glass mask. Their name, DIORCOLORQUAKE, references the ‘YOUTHQUAKERS’, a term coined by Diana Vreeland, the charismatic editor-in-chief of Vogue US at the time,to describe the new energy erupting from the young generation.

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Kuboraum Emiliano Maggi x DSML Frieze Open House




As part of Dover Street Market London’s Open House held in celebration of the Frieze Art Fair, Kuboraum unveiled a site-specific display installation together with artist Emiliano Maggi, consisting of an ecstatic ceremonial ballet of anthropo-morphic miniature glazed ceramic creatures and EyeCouture pieces, everything in a ritualistic conversation with the Kuboraum masks.

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The Kuboraum Emiliano Maggi cabinets display installation at Dover Street Market London is showcased in their basement until the end of next week. If by any chance you´re in town go check it out! We are sure it´s worth it!

Frency & Mercury 2018 at André Opticas Lisboa

” Muse “

Uniquely decorated design presents Muses.

The icon represents a series of the exquisite pillars of Ancient Greek temples. This is to define an artistry of the primary collection.

It took the Designer years to direct his supremacy line. He selected the most advanced materials that allowed him to produce a clean precise form as accuracy as he desired.

The craftsmanship at the heritage place for optical in Japan was worked together with his knowledge of eyewear and his uncompromising passion.

Glorious shine of bronze decoration. Purity of rich titanium. Lux feel of polished acetate.Supremacy eyewear with its essential of beauty elevates your Fascape.

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