KameManNen – Since1917

The history of KameManNen, which is said to be the oldest eyewear brand in Japan, began in 1917 at the city of Fukui, with a plating factory called “Kimura Seisakusho”. After the Second World War, this was developed to an eyewear factory based in Sabae and KameManNen was born. In 1981 KameManNen successfully used titanium, which is known for its durability and lightness to produce eyewear for the first time in the world, introducing Sabae’s high production quality to the world. The name KameManNen came from a Japanese proverb, “A crane lives a thousand years, a turtle ten thousand years” (Tsuru wa sennen, Kame wa mannen in Japanese. A proverb depicts longevity)”, which was the desire of the founder, Kikujiro Kimura. The brand aspires to continue the concept of KameManNen to pursue not only the beauty of the design itself, but also precise production of eyewear of the highest quality.

DITA – Emitter -One

Dita Emitter One is Dita´s next limited edition and will be available at André Opticas boutiques very soon.

Micro produced in a limited number of units, EMITTER-ONE speaks without saying a word through its details including high quality Japanese acetate frame, exposed custom pressed line temple tip plate, and titanium 5-barrel oversized hinge plate with exposed pressed line detail.

EMITTER-ONE shows design mastery by reaching beyond maximalism, pushing the limits and reaching tasteful overstatement.

EMITTER-ONE was born from embracing the negative space that surrounds, expanding the conscious mind to evolve in awareness to the overflow of complex details. EMITTER-ONE is an extension of this profound realization that gave way to its design and has joined the ranks of DITA’s Limited Edition frames.